Here are some questions to consider:

1 Do you understand the concept of ‘compounding’?
2 Are you educating your children so they can take advantage of gains that can be accomplished by beginning a savings plan at an early age?
3 Is investing in RRSP’s appropriate or will they cause tax problems later in life?
4 Should you be saving less and spending a little more to enjoy life today?
1 What happens if your marriage breaks down?
2 Should a marriage contract be considered?
3 If your marriage breaks down do you need Creditor Proof protection?
4 How will you ensure that family assets are passed to the next generation?
1 Should a Living Trust be established?
2 Has an income in the event of your death been planned for?
3 Is your income protected in the event of disability?
4 Do you have a will? When was the last time it was reviewed?
1 Do you need a ‘Living Will’?
2 When was the last time you reviewed your will?
3 Do you have an Enduring Power of Attorney?
4 If you have a business, do you have a business succession plan in place?
1 Have you considered Creditor Proofing in the event of business failure?
2 Do you know what the duties of an Executor are?
3 Is there a Funeral plan?
4 Do you have a current list of pertinent information to assist your Executor?