Income Tax Services

AACT Services provides Corporate Tax services

AACT Financial Solutions provides you with personalized income tax service taking the time to discuss your income and expenses and reviewing any options. There may be changes in the tax law or tax credits that will benefit you.

 When your return is complete we will review your return with you before filing. We always keep a copy of your tax documentation and return the originals to you for safe keeping.


4  Review of past and current tax documentation. (A tax credit may have been overlooked).
3  Should CRA request any further information, we will be provide the information on your behalf from our file copies. (Up to three years)
4  We will manage all CRA requests, both pre-assessment and post-assessment,  on your behalf.
1  We will make any Tax planning and tax savings recommendations that are applicable.

Additional charges apply as the complexity of the return increases and where additional schedules are required. Additional submissions to CRA due to undisclosed or forgotten information are subject to additional charges.

1  Financial statements can be prepared by us or we will work with the statements you provide.
2  All documentation is reviewed for completeness.
3  We keep a copy of the financial statements in the event CRA requires further information.
4  We prepare T4, T4A, T5 and GST Returns where required.
1  We handle the preparation of T2 returns.

1  We work with the estate executor or lawyer.
2  Collect and review all necessary documentation.
3  Consult with Revenue Canada where required.
4  Prepare the Trust Return and apply for the Clearance Certificate to close the Revenue Canada account. (Many people are unaware of this step. This step releases the executor from future liability with Revenue Canada)