Probatable/Non-Probatable Assets

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In trusts and estates law, non-probate assets are assets in which the title has already been transferred within a decedent’s lifetime or assets in which the transfer of title is controlled by some sort of survivorship mechanism. These assets are not probated, meaning that they are not distributed according to the decedent’s will in probate court. Will substitutes be non-probate assets? For more information about non-probate assets or for help drafting up an agreement for them, contact the team at AACT Financial Solutions.

Our team has the skills and experience to answer any of your non-probate asset-related questions. Contact AACT Financial Solutions in Victoria, BC today for all of your non-probate asset needs. We can help you draft up living or family trusts to help direct your assets where you’d like them to go and make it easier on your family in the process.